We only stock and sell Kimbolton Fireworks – nothing else! There are cheaper ones in supermarkets and discount stores, but fireworks are one of those products where you really do get what you pay for. The amount you pay determines the amount of gunpowder and (stating the obvious!) the amount of gunpowder affects the size and quality of the display. ‘Bang for the buck’ really applies.

Kimbolton supply some of the very best fireworks on the market (they supply to the London New Year display each year). So whether a selection box, a shot-battery or one of the Mammoth rockets (there’s a clue in the name!) you can be sure that the effects will be substantial. If you’re going to a firework party you will be the envy of your friends if they haven’t bought Kimbolton.
Our licence only allows us to sell fireworks at specified times of year, namely Guy Fawkes, from 15th October and ending on 10th November; New Year, from 26th December and ending on the 31st December; Chinese New Year, the first day and the three days immediately preceding it; and on the day of Diwali and the three days immediately preceding it. At TMC we can offer ideas and suggestions depending upon your premises, audience etc. We even have low noise fireworks for customers with very young children, pets or nearby livestock.