Looking after and maintaining a car – even modern ones – isn’t the mystery many folk believe. Even when faced with the inevitable ‘plastic shroud’ view under-bonnet, its removal usually reveals most of the familiar components that have been in cars for the last 20 years. Oil, spark plug, battery and filter changes are as ‘DIY’ as they have always been and with franchised main dealers charging upwards of £80-90 per hour for labour, it’s a task well worth undertaking.
A similar situation exists beneath the car – brake discs and pads, drop links, track-rod ends are all still there and with some basic tools can be simple enough for someone with basic mechanical knowledge to undertake.

Although TMC stocks a range of spare parts (and importantly the tools to fit/remove them!) there are tens of thousands of variants across models. However, through our supplier network we can usually locate the part and have it delivered to our premises within a matter of hours.

For the performance motorist we have a range of after-market accessories and also a ready supply of performance parts from K&N, Brembo, H&R and other prestige manufacturers.
We have a wide range of cleaning (detailing) products by various suppliers, all sorts of electrical connectors, cable ties, gaffer tape, lubricants, additives, L-Plates – in fact pretty much everything the motorist needs. We can often source used parts for older models and delight in taking ‘commissions’ to find those scarce parts for discerning customers.
Towing is quite popular in the area so whether caravan, trailer, horsebox etc we have a large section devoted to connectors, trailer boards, plugs, lamps etc.